Best Film Directors

Best film directors and their work

There is no doubt about it that Hollywood movies have been arguably one of the best contributions that the United States has given to the world, and of course Hollywood is not necessarily just an American corporation or group of corporations because it enables artists and people in general from all over the world to come together and create memorable films that usually are included with large budgets and a lot of money in general.

Of course this is something that a lot of people may not understand fully if they are not in the film industry, but even for those people who are not in the film industry it is pretty simple to understand that some of the best art has come through the medium of films, and that means that making films is something that takes a lot of effort and true inspiration in order to fully become someone who gets recognized, and as a lot of us know it is pretty much impossible to really make it successfully in the entertainment business in general and really only a select few people ever really get to make it big and become famous, and that is exactly why they are famous because they are one of the select few people who have overcome the barriers to entry and have done incredible work that is memorable and well appreciated by large audiences from all around the world. Now, of course there are many artists that we could talk about within the film industry that are really talented, but that is not worth our time or effort, so what we are going to talk about within this site and throughout this entire list of articles are the best film directors of all time and their work. Of course when we start talking about the best film directors ever this list is obviously going to be somewhat subjective, and I think for the most part none of us want to agree with each other fully, but that is exactly why we have chosen people that everyone agrees are the best of the very best when it comes to directing films and creating some of the very best movies that have ever come out of the industry.

We are going to be talking about the greatest Hollywood directors of all time, and some of them are still alive today while others have passed away, but that doesn’t even matter when it comes down to it because when you are a director your work will live on forever long after you pass away so in a way those directors on this list who have already left this earth will generally live on forever through their work.


The first best director that we are going to talk about is one of the best dramatic filmmakers of all time and is considered the master of all suspense in filmmaking, and you might already know who I’m talking about, and that is Alfred Hitchcock. Hitchcock made most of his best films a long time ago during a golden age of filmmaking when performance driven narratives were the primary ways of storytelling and I think that Hitchcock’s best films like Psycho, The Birds, Rear Window and many others really put the whole idea of good acting into perspective, and that is definitely a very special thing because he brought in some of the best actors of all time into his movies to make his films that much better, and his storytelling mechanics and use of cinematography was legendary to say the least, and it was definitely the foundation of all suspenseful storytelling mechanics.










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