There have obviously been a lot of great movies to come out of Hollywood over the years, and as more and more movies come out it seems like they are just going to get worse and worse with more sensory overload and just full on action as opposed to actual acting and storytelling that is character driven, and I think this is a huge problem for the entire film industry. But of course the industry didn’t always used to be oriented around how much a movie can use CGI to make things like really cool and unrealistic.

But it used to only be about the real thing and real actors doing their thing, and some of these movies are still considered to be the best movies of all time, and I think that there were great directors who are still around today, some of them at least, who stuck true to this type of storytelling and have made incredible stories and really did some innovation along the way that made a big difference for everyone in the world, and just the fact that these movies changed the world shows that these directors of these films are the best directors of all time because their art made a big difference in the world and that is by far one of the best things that a movie can do towards its audience. Now, of course even the best directors of film made movies that did not get critical acclaim, and I think that is probably because a lot of people get sucked into certain storylines that aren’t necessarily the very best stories and no one can make instant classics every single time they make a movie did you ever see Seattle towing? A lot of times when the big studios start flashing a ton of money towards a script you are more than likely going to join in because the money is hard to refuse even though the script is easy to refuse.

But let’s just assume that you are interested in the best directors of film and that you like movies in general, because that is probably how you ended up on this very sad website in the first place, so now that you are here and reading this incredibly horrible writing about the best directors of all time then you definitely will appreciate this site because the best film directors and their work is exactly what we are going to be talking about throughout this website and list or articles in general.

So the next best director that we are going to talk about is again one of my personal favorites in Francis Ford Coppola. I think that Coppola was able to make some movies in a very independent way, which makes him a very lucky director, but I’m sure he also got a lot of crap and was a long shot from the beginning of his career even towards the end of his career. But of course Coppola is best known for his series The Godfather which is now considered to be one of the best movies ever created and really paved the way for the entire mobster genre of films, but of course it isn’t the first movie about the mafia. Obviously Coppola did a lot more than just The Godfather and he made a really great movie by the name of Apocalypse Now that is now considered one of the very best war movies ever made about the Vietnam War and how a lot of soldiers went crazy during this time, and that was a very powerful film that was a protest film towards the Vietnam War and definitely spoke volumes to the American public and even the entire world. But I think Copppola’s great attention to detail is what makes him one of the most celebrated and best film directors of his entire era.

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