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Now I know a lot of us don’t quite understand what it means to be a film director, and unless you have really made a serious attempt to direct a movie then you don’t quite get it because it really is one of the most stressful and fun jobs that anyone could ever do, and I think that this is not the type of job that is meant for everyone, and I also think that a lot of people who think they are really good most likely aren’t and I think that a lot of people who think they stink are actually pretty good. It’s hard to be a good director because first off you need to be a good person and get along with literally everyone that you meet, and that means getting along with people that you don’t like and especially don’t like to work with, but that is just part of what it takes to make successful films. It’s definitely a really hard job to do and it takes a lot of creativity, leadership and people skills just to be able to make a crappy movie yet alone a really good movie.

That’s part of why it is so cool to see so many successful filmmakers make great movies because it really is a fantastic feat that a lot of people don’t ever get to do because it takes so much money and a lot of ingenuity that a lot of people just don’t have in them. I think that for the most part there are quite a lot of people who don’t think they have it in them, but that’s probably because they have never worked hard their whole lives and just expect good things to happen to them, and of course that is simply not how the world works and people just have to get past the fact that good things only happen to those people who don’t get everything they want and that earn it through hard work and determination, and it really does take a lot of hard work and determination to be a good director of films, and it’s these people who work extremely hard and made it as film directors that we are going to talk about throughout this website and list of articles. So if you are the type of person who loves watching movies or maybe you are in the industry and you like making movies then you are in a good spot online because this site is all about the best film directors and their work, so we are going to be talking about the best movies and their creators, and these are films that everyone should be aware of and know about to a certain extent, and I think that a lot of people don’t quite understand just how epic making a movie really is.

So the next best director of film that we are going to talk about is Charlie Chaplin, and as a lot us already know Chaplin was from the silent movie era and was one of the founders of making good movies and is one of the very first best directors the industry has ever known, and obviously was a great comedian and person who made millions of people laugh through his slapstick comedies, and he also emerged as a great actor and a great director of sound movies as well. He was from so long ago, but still his films are timeless because he was able to really develop his stories into things larger than life, and people everywhere caught on to Chaplin’s humor and he really did have a lot to say about the world too, which is just part of what makes him one of the best film directors ever.

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