Obviously there are a lot of really talented people out there in the film industry, and a lot of people are always coming out of the shadows and into the public light on a regular basis, and I think that a lot of people don’t quite understand that many of us are going through the same type of struggles that even the very best film directors of all time went though when they were first getting started. I think that a lot of us think that getting famous or recognition for our films is something that is fleeting and that will never happen because we are the type of people who are deemed normal or not as talented as other directors out there with a bunch of money and the ability to make really remarkable movies, but that is not necessarily the case because I think that a lot of people don’t quite understand that they have the capability to be a good director if they surround themselves with talented people who can adjust to the vision of the director who can in turn articulate exactly what they want to their talented teammates and get exactly what is the most important aspects of each shot and each scene, and of course getting the most out of their actors, which is a lot easier said than done.

But for the purposes of this article and the entire website that all of these articles will be displayed on somewhere on the Internet you should understand that we are going to be talking about the best film directors and their work, and this goes to show that subjectivity and the ability to make lists like this aren’t so easy but they can be done with due diligence and a group of people all voting together to decide who is the very best of the best, and then ranking this voting system through an elaborate algorithm that I don’t quite understand and don’t feel like getting into so much. But if you just so happen to be a film enthusiast and you like talking about films with your friends, or maybe you even aspire to be a filmmaker yourself, then you have definitely come to the right place online because the directors that we are going to talk about are not only the best film directors of all time but they are also the type of directors that every filmmaker should be very acquainted with so that they can become a better director themselves.

So the next best film director that we are going to talk about is the type of director that has made millions of people laugh over the years and has been one of the very best comedy directors and actors to do this thing in the film industry, and that person is the very funny, very Jewish Woody Allen. Woody Allen is the quirky, funny, goofy guy you have probably seen in a lot of movies from the 1970s, and I think that a lot of people don’t quite understand what it takes to be a great director like Woody Allen and I don’t think that people understand quite how hard it is to write and direct comedy because it is hard to get audiences to laugh, but Allen was able to know what was funny on an innate level that a lot of other comedy directors couldn’t, and because Allen had such good taste and was able to know what was so funny at the moment of written conception, he was able to make hilarious film after hilarious film, and he got really famous for all of these films and is one of the best directors to ever direct films.

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